Best Fantasy Book Cover Fonts

When it comes to creating a great fantasy book cover, the fonts you work with are paramount to the cover’s success.

See the graphic below to find the name of the font you like and then find it online. Most of these fonts are free for noncommercial use.

Once you have your title and fonts, you can create a book cover

Fantasy book cover font list
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Why do fantasy book cover fonts matter?

Before I explain why book cover fonts matter, let’s be very clear:

Don’t design the cover yourself.

You should not design your own covers unless you have professional training in graphic design and extensive book cover design experience.

When you go to an interview or a date, do you design your own clothes?

Treat your book cover the same way.

OK, now let’s dive into fonts.

When you see a title on a book cover, you might think you’re just reading the words. but it is not the truth.

Your brain absorbs lettering as an art form.

This is typography: the artistic design of the letters themselves.

Even before you read the title, your thoughts start.

In fact, your subconscious mind makes some quick judgments based on the typography of each book:

  • Does it looks professional or amateur?
  • Is this for someone like me
  • Is it serious or funny?
  • Will it be easy to understand?
  • Is it written by a master?

If all these requests are fulfilled, you can rest assured you have a great fantasy book cover.

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