Why do people have less free time in the age of TV, Internet, Mobile phones and Email

Where is my time?

In today’s world, people are often lamenting about having less free time. With the advent of technology, such as television, the internet, mobile phones, and email, people are increasingly feeling like they are constantly connected and busy. In this essay, I will explore some of the reasons why people have less free time in the … Read more

7 Magazine Covers Ideas for Instant Success

Magazine Covers Ideas

Because many of our customers asked us lately for some magazine covers ideas. Here are some general, and some not-so-general tips you should keep in mind when designing your next magazine cover. What makes a good magazine cover design? A good magazine cover design should be visually appealing, attention-grabbing, and effectively convey the theme or … Read more

Inspiring Book Covers in 2023

Inspiring book covers

There are many inspiring book covers around. Book covers that tell inspirational stories that were able to change the minds of the people that see them. The Alchemist: one of the most inspiring book covers One inspiring story about a book cover is that of the novel “The Alchemist,” written by Paulo Coelho. The cover … Read more

Fail-proof Trendy Colors in 2023

Fail-proof Trendy Colors in 2023

As trends in color palettes can change quickly and are often influenced by a variety of factors such as fashion, design, and cultural trends. So, if you want to know which will be the trendy colors in 2023, read this article and find them. In general, however, it can be helpful to consider the principles … Read more

Amazing Book Cover Design Tips for 2023

Amazing Book Cover Design Tips for 2023

Many book cover design tips are available online. Cover design is an important task because it is the first thing a reader sees before deciding to pick up the book. A well-designed cover can help to sell the book and attract readers, while a poorly designed cover may turn readers away. Here are some book … Read more

Discount Time is Now


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Create Multiproduct Covers In 2 Easy Steps

Amazing mock-up with 3 covers

Multiproduct covers are unbeatable when it comes to making an ebook seem real. Convert your flat cover into a mind-blowing 3D-quality image. Learn how you can do this by watching the following video. Step 1 – Create the cover Use our free cover generator and then design the composition to your liking. Once you generate … Read more

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