Anestesi Index

“Anestesi Index” is the newest product of our client Fredrik Bærheim. He asked for a spiral cover and here is what we’ve made for him: Feel free to submit your comments.

What Comes First? The Cover, Or The Book

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One of biggest trend these days is related to ebooks. Because of their viral nature, ebooks are a great way to increase traffic to a site and that’s why everyone has to write at least one. There are millions of ebooks online and everyday there are at more then one hundred new ebooks that hit … Read more

Writer’s Block is No Longer a Problem

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Dear friend, If you’re like me, than I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with the well-known writer’s block. From time to time, when you have to start writing something, be it an article, an ebook, or just a letter, there is that moment when you just stare at the blank sheet of paper (or at the … Read more

Just Do It

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In this article I’ll talk about the reason that stops most Internet entrepreneurs from succeeding online. Have you ever wondered why only about 5% of us are actually making money online? Have you ever think about the main reason that stops the other 95% of them? If you are like me, I’m sure that it … Read more

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