Customer Testimonials:

Exceeded My Expectations!
Ovi is an awesome designer. His cover design took my breath away. He made my ideas come alive with credibility and excitement... it was almost like he read my mind and transformed my thoughts into reality.

Managing Director

This man worked with me beyond the pail he went above and beyond the money he made off of me in the end I gave him a great name i just started calling him Ovi wan Kenobi the master of Covers.

Bennie Hall

Ovi has always been understanding of my concept from the word go and we have quickly reached a design which has always suited my requirements precisely. He is very talented, reasonable in his prices and a nice man to deal with.

Roland Humphries

Your Health Get To The Point
I thought that Ovi did a fantastic job on all of my graphics for my e book website. The graphics made my e book come alive.

He made sure that he did everything I asked for, and in a timely manner.

I loved the variety that he offered.

I would highly recommend Ovi to anyone wanting a successful e book site.

Dr Dawn Strickland
Owner was highly recommended to me by one of the top Self Publishing Guru in the UK.

I wanted somebody I could trust and Ovi did not disappoint me. He designed a fantastic book cover for me! Great job!

J. Nicholson
Book Cover

Development Application Objections

I am absolutely thrilled with the cover that you produced. The whole process worked incredibly well for me. The communication was good, the design issues were handled professionally, the response time was outstanding, and your website made it very easy to achieve a quality finished product. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people.

Neale Murden

Five Steps to Great Hitting and Winning In Life!
If you are considering Ovi Dogar with to complete your cover, have no fear, your book design and general graphics will definitely draw attention!

Working with Ovi was peaceful, flexible, and encouraging as I am learning the overall process of authoring and developing marketable books.

Thanks, Ovi, I look forward to working with you in the future!


Steve Kennelley
Teacher, Coach and Author

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