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3D Kindle Cover Converter

Here is a free script that can convert your flat Kindle cover from Amazon into a great looking 3D cover.

All you have to do is to paste your Amazon’s product url into the form located here and the 3D cover will be generated for you.

Also, if you want you can add a festive, gift bow around the cover to make it look more like a gift with a simple click.

So, wait no more, generate your 3D covers now.

Here are the latest 3D covers that were generated by other users:

Always at your service,
Ovi Dogar, Your Cover Guy

P. S.: Make sure your flat cover is saved as RGB instead of CMYK for the best results.

Be the first who finds out when we upload new layouts:

PreMade Covers

Have you ever considered getting a special cover for your ebook at a do it yourself price?

Now this thought can become a reality with our PreMade Kindle ready covers.

How does it work?

Quite simple:

  1. Browse our ever growing cover gallery
  2. Find a cover that you like
  3. Pay for it
  4. Send us an email with the ID of the cover you had selected along with the text you want us to edit instead of the dummy text that’s currently on the cover (title, by line, author’s name)
  5. We will do the  necessary changes and send you the full resolution (1563px wide x 2500px high at 72dpi) cover that meets Amazon Kindle Cover’s requirements.
  6. We take the cover down from our gallery. Yes you read that right: each cover is sold only once to make sure you have a unique cover

Looking forward to working with you,
Ovi Dogar,