23 Genuine Book Cover Design Tips

The difference between selling and failing is the very front of your book. Professional book cover design will make your book stand out!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, literally. The power of storytelling combined with the beauty of art: that’s what stunning book cover designs are.

Whether it’s a cookbook or a crime thriller, our design team will create a great cover that will stand out on Amazon or your local bookstore’s shelf.

How can you tell you have a good book cover design?

The cover is good if it has:

  • Clear titles and subtitles
  • Striking focus
  • Powerful composition with no distracting elements
  • Interesting visual elements
  • Good use of white space
  • If you include images, start with a concept or scene from the book and create illustrations around it.

“Powerful composition with no distracting elements are two important factors when designing your book cover.”

Ovi Dogar

What Info should you put on your cover?

Be sure to include:

  • Author’s name
  • Title and subtitle
  • Background images and graphics. Unsplash.com is a great free resource of images.
  • VIP comments or reviews if they fit your design

If you’re making a cover for a printed book, don’t forget the prominent spine. This is where eye-catching typography can really shine.

blank book cover design
Sometimes no design is better than a bad cover design

People still judge a book by its cover

Conventional wisdom tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but people in the publishing industry know better.

An effective cover design doesn’t just look good on a bookshelf – it should also clearly communicate the title, indicate the genre, and appeal to the right readers for the book.

In other words, design is critical to the sales of your book and is definitely not something to be designed by an amateur!

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A good cover design will help your book stand out!

That’s why just about every professional writer should hire a book cover designer to do the job well. Professional cover designers know what’s trending and will develop their own unique style that will make your book stand out.

They’ll work with you to create a cover design that meets your vision, combined with their knowledge of genre conventions and publishing trends, to give your book the coveted mass appeal.

So, if your “do it yourself” skills are lacking, maybe it is time to hire a professional cover designer.

Warm regards,
Ovi Dogar

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