A Dust Jacket is Not Just A Protection Of Your Book - It is Actually A Protection of Your Profits!

Give your book some extra style with a matching dust jacket. Books wrapped in a dust jacket are competing in a class of their own.

The Greatest Job on Earth: Extraordinary Parenting

Are Dust Jackets a necessity?

A Dust Jacket is a loose cover that wraps around a cloth bound hardcover book. The five elements of a dust jacket, should work in harmony, each matching the other in style so the cover will create one complete composition. The cover should match the theme or genre of the book, the style should match the author’s style of writing, images should be chosen to intrigue the reader and draw their interest to the story inside the book.

The front cover, spine and back cover are the most visible areas of the book cover and should be designed to catch the readers attention quickly. The two additional panels on the inside front and inside back of the book are the perfect spot to add text, photos, or filler that reflects the story and send a personal message of welcome to an individual that has picked up and opened the book.

Dust jackets need to be designed to exact dimensions to fit the hardcover book. Being able to following a printers exact specifications is a professional touch that cannot be overlooked. We work closely with your printer or publisher to meet their specifications for paper size, document dimensions, color mode, color profile, resolution, and printer marks, to produce a file that you can be assured will print correctly. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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The Greatest Job on Earth: Extraordinary Parenting

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