The 21 Ugliest Book Covers Of All Times

Most of us choose the next book we read based on its cover. Although most designers have the best intentions at heart when designing your book cover, sometimes, external elements turn the end result into a not so pretty work of art.

Having an ugly book cover is worse than no cover at all.

Who is Harpo? Hopefully not the creepy old man.
Her eyes are more mysterious than the smile of Mona Lisa.
… with a garbage can. We must give the designer credit for the use of typography
Can she handle the “hard” truth? Or is she just looking for pennies in his pocket?
While the intention is good, both the title and the design are out of place.
The perfect example of how not to design a book cover. Cliparts, shapes, photos, and all kinds of effects all thrown together won’t make a good cover.
Another sample in the “kinky” book covers collection.
Looks like the gay version of The Abduction from the Seraglio. I do appreciate the detail and illustration’s quality.
Me – Tarzan, you – Cheetah. It seems that Cheetah really enjoys Tarzan’s loving gaze.
There are not many options to illustrate a book about tractors, but I think the artist could have done better.
Maybe that’s why there is no woman in the image.
Is there a sequel coming out soon?
If that is a real princess, I will never call my daughter “princess” again.
Looks like the advantages are worth all the pain. Now, seriously, is this really a cover? Would you buy something like this?
Hopefully, you won’t read this at night and don’t keep it on the nightstand.
She’s still young and ready to rock the pole.
“We’re not in Kansas anymore…” get’s a whole new meaning.
While the author’s intentions are good, the title coupled with the cover image gives this cover a perverse tone.
The cover illustration is simply too much. looks like the cat is about to punish everyone. Is his name Thunder?
This is another uninspired wording for the title. Not to mention that the pussy looks kind of bored.
This cover is simply strange. Not to mention the odd illustration and text positioning. Nothing beats a vampire with a human head.

That’s all for now.

If you have any suggestions for ugly covers you want me to include in this article, just post them (the URL of the image) in the comments section.

Warm regards,
Ovi Dogar, Your Cover Guy

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