Customer Testimonials:

Racing Sponsorship Pathway
Good job Ovi. Converted faster within about 30 minutes! Haven't even begun using the cover yet for the sales video and pages, just the opt in. Can't wait to see the conversions then.



I haven't published yet. I am hoping to do so by June and will definitely need to make some changes. I'll be in touch when I am ready.

To be honest I don't really know what I am doing, I'm just editing at the moment. When it comes to publishing it's a whole new ball game and I'm out of my depth.


It was a pleasure to work with Ovi. He showed integrity and creativity and I was totally delighted with my ebook cover. It looks great and many people have commented on it.

Unity in Gender Diversity
I love the new logo and book cover you designed. Traffic is increasing on the site, although I have not seen a big surge in sales. Thanks for your help, I may return if the need arises.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Ovi does a great job for us! Always very professional, on time and budget. No surprises. Looking forward to working with him on many other projects in the future!

Thanks Ovi!


Bake Italian Tight Budget
My experience working with Ovi has been nothing short of remarkable. Being an inpatient person means that I require a fast response to my questions and action to my requests. I received that going away. Every time I required assistance or needed an adjustment to my e-book cover, you responded as close to real time as possible.

The actual design of my e-book cover was extremely professional and I am positive that it will result in many sales. Thank you very much for everything.

One final and very important point - after the design work was completed, I was happy and paid for your efforts, you performed a couple of final adjustments to my website. There was no argument. Thanks again

Rich Ursini

Jobpreneurship 101 - From College to Dream Jobs
Ovi and are my choice for book covers. The quality of design, the flexibility, and total commitment to my needs has earned my business - and 3 books of repeat business.

I am proud to help market Ovi by including him on my copyright page.

Ovi, thank you for your help!

Jim Villwock
Founder and Chief Job Doctor

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