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Professional Book Covers That Sell

If you’d like to make your book look much more professional, and… look so unique that everyone has to read it, then this will be the most important web page you’ll ever read.

Book Covers that Grab your visitor's attention

  • Would you buy a book with no cover?
  • Can you feel the power of a professional cover?
  • You’re here because you have a great book.

Let’s cover it now!

Here’s How YOU’ll Benefit

More Money

You’ll make more money, without any extra effort on your part; your new professional graphics will do all the work.

Increased Value

Your beautiful new professional book covers will instantly boost the perceived value of your books.

Passive Income

You’ll receive residual income, year after year, long after your new professional graphics have paid for themselves.


You’ll gain new recognition and respect; you’ll be seen as a proud and serious business owner with a professional book cover design.

Peace of Mind

You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you made the right business decision for your future.


You’ll become a member of a special group of shrewd business owners, who use professional services to prosper in the marketplace.

Owning a professional cover has never been this easy.

Covers Designed

Valued Clients

Repeat Customers

Years of Service

Benefits of having a professional cover

More Sales

Tantalize your visitors with a professional-looking book cover design and increase your sales by 317%

Longer Visits

Make your visitors imagine themselves using and holding your book in their hands and watch them staying longer on your site

More Returning Visitors

Put an astonishing image of your book into your visitors’ minds and you’ll see them coming back to your site often

Competitive Advantage

Because they love the way your book cover looks, your visitors will remember your professional book instead of your competitor’s.

More Credibility

A professionally designed book cover will provide increased credibility for youyour business and your book

Fewer Returns

You’ll notice fewer book returns because your book looks solid. It is not just another piece of information in your client’s mind.

Here’s what our valued clients have to say

Ovi designed ebook cover, an squeeze page and email series. Not did he do an amazing job but he went above and beyond to help me with technical stuff. All I can say is… hire this guy… he is the best.
Sunil Tulsiani

CEO, Private Investment Club

Have no fear, your book design and general graphics will definitely draw attention! Working with Ovi was flexible and encouraging as I am learning the overall process of authoring and developing marketable books.
Steve Kennelley

Coach and Author,

Ovi is simply the best at what he does. Period!! He works on weekends.
He works late at night. His work is flawless and his patience has no limits. Ovi’s level of customer service is unmatchable!

Bruce Hunter

Strategic Marketer,


Here are some benefits of working with us:

Hassle Free Professional Service

We take the time, hassle, and expense out of your profitable book! You send us the text; We design your professional book cover for you!

No Upfront Payment

Invest only when you’re 100% satisfied! You read that right: we will start working on your project with no down-payment. We trust your business practice!

Lightning Fast Turnaround

Usually, your new book cover design will be ready in less than 24 hours but this may extend to a maximum of 7 days (during heavy workloads).

Why Unique Book Covers

The fascination that Uniqueness exerts on others is caused by the fact that it strictly follows the Three S Golden Rule: Simple, Substantial and Spectacular!


Look No Further. Get Started Today


Here is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“Even if you decide on the 366th day of the guarantee that your book cover design is not what you want, we will refund your money, and we will work on your new project for FREE! And every piece of our work will be yours forever: to use it as you see fit.”

7 Steps To A Great Book Cover

Step 1

Fill out the Order Form.

Step 2

Confirm our quote and delivery time

Step 3

Receive your first graphics

Step 4

Discuss revisions

Step 5

Receive final graphics

Step 6

Make payment

Step 7

Start marketing your book


* All prices are “Starting At…” values. As more extras can be added or the designs can be more elaborate.

Here Are Your FREE Bonuses!

FREE Graphics Safe-Keeping Service

If you ever lose or misplace your graphics, let us know, and we’ll quickly replace them.

FREE Unlimited Revisions

If you ever need to change the date, URL, name, price, color, etc. on your graphics, we’ll gladly do it for you. There’s no time limit.

FREE Unlimited Email Consultation

You can email us any time to discuss your current graphic project, or pending future projects. Together, we’ll develop a profit plan for your business.

FREE Full Ownership Of Rights

Your graphics are yours to keep! You only pay once. No text link-back to our site. No royalty/lease payments ever!

FREE Unlimited Sizes

You can have as many different sizes of your graphics as you like.

FREE "Split-Run" Version

If needed, you can request a “split-run” version of your graphics. Maybe you want to test two titles or statements etc. (Just let us know, and we’ll help you with your marketing tests.)

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