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Book Cover Layout Generator

If you ever wanted to create a perfect bound book cover design, you know that getting the dimensions right is a real pain.

Well, thanks to our free layout generator, you will be able to create the blank layout in no time and start designing the actual cover.

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. enter the author specifications in the following form,
  2. click on generate
  3. download the layout in png format.

You’re ready to get creative.

Remember to keep the essential elements inside the dark green lines, and extend the backgrounds all the way behind the bleed zone (orange color)

Warm regards,
Ovi Dogar

3D Kindle Cover Converter

Here is a free script that can convert your flat Kindle cover from Amazon into a great looking 3D cover.

All you have to do is to paste your Amazon’s product url into the form located here and the 3D cover will be generated for you.

Also, if you want you can add a festive, gift bow around the cover to make it look more like a gift with a simple click.

So, wait no more, generate your 3D covers now.

Here are the latest 3D covers that were generated by other users:

Always at your service,
Ovi Dogar, Your Cover Guy

P. S.: Make sure your flat cover is saved as RGB instead of CMYK for the best results.

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