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People always say that the money is in the list! Well, if you want to build a list, a good idea is to offer a free newsletter to your subscribers. Did you know that a professional newsletter cover can double your subscription rate?

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Are Newsletter Covers a necessity?

Most newsletters are accompanied with a killer cover these days.

Why? Because authors realised that a professionally designed cover will increase your subscription rate by as much as 317%.

Now, do not make the mistake of creating the cover yourself unless you're an experienced graphic designer. Our latest split tests show that a porly designed cover will actually hurt your subscription rate.

Take us on our "don't pay unless you're happy" guarantee and let us design you a killer newsletter cover that will make your subscriptions explode!

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He’s not happy until you’re happy...
Ovi Dogar is a consummate graphics professional.

He understands the world of internet marketing relative to positioning your offering. He is easy, enjoyable to work with and reasonably priced, consistently producing high quality products.

He is not happy until you are happy. It does not get better than that!

Oreste J. DAversa
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach

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